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Conference 2011

The PHP Barcelona Conference 2011 is over!

PHP Barcelona Conference 2011

PHP Barcelona User Group would like to express our sincere thanks to all attendees, speakers and sponsors for their contribution to the PHP Barcelona Conference of past 28th-29th of October and for making the event and amazing success.

So, thank you to companies like Microsoft, Zend, Concatel, Softonic, Alfa9 phpStorm, ServerGrove, O’Reilly and many others, and also big thanks to Citilab team, without their incredible support our event would not be possible.

More than 500 people attended and everything went perfect: 24 talks and 3 workshops were performed with a total of 24 speakers that made their best, some raffles, gifts, a lot of networking, good catering and, as usual, a lot of elePHPants ;)

You can find the presentations of the conference here

Also you can see all the tweets related to the event and some photos and a video below



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