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The PHP conference will be celebrated on Saturday, September the 27th, from 9 am to 8 pm.

The talks will run on two parallel tracks. The main track will be located at the larger conference room, with seats for up to 320 attendees. All of the talks on the main track will have a length of 1 hour and will be developed in English.

The second track will be in the second smaller conference room which can accomodate 180 attendees approximately. The talks will also have a length of 1 hour and also will be developed in English.

At this moment, we have programmed 9 talks. But maybe we will add some more talks over the following days. Stay tuned!

Main Track Second Track
9:00 Registration and Breakfast
10:00 Marcus Bointon
Email in PHP
Jordi Roura
Tuning the usability of online applications using web analytics techniques
11:00 BREAK
11:15 Arno Schneider
Rasmus, think again! – Agile Framework == happy PHP Developer
Jens Bierkandt
How to pimp high volume PHP websites
12:15 BREAK
12:45 Zoë Slattery
Text indexing and search libraries for PHP
Pau Garcia-Milà
eyeOS: Open Source Web Desktop System in PHP
13:45 LUNCH
15:30 Scott MacVicar
Helgi Þormar
Website releases made easy with the PEAR installer
16:30 BREAK
16:45 Derick Rethans
17:45 Closing Keynote
18:00 BEERS

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