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Derick Rethans
Derick Rethans provides solutions for Internet related problems. He has contributed in a number of ways to the PHP project, including the mcrypt, date and input-filter extensions, bug fixes, additions and leading the QA team. He now works as project leader for the eZ components project for eZ systems A.S.. In his spare time he likes to work on Xdebug, watch movies, travel and practise photography.

Scott MacVicar
Scott is the lead developer of the SQLite3 extension and the ImageMagick PHP wrapper. He also helps with LibGD and the core in between. Currently he is a developer at Jelsoft Enterprises in England, UK. Topics of interest at the moment are image manipulation and web application scalability with databases.

Helgi Þormar
Helgi is a board member in PEAR as well as developer, QA member,website wrangler and everything in between. Currently he works for ibuildings in the UK as a software engineer. In his spare time he likes to geek out by sinking his teeth into new (and old) technologies out there, currently CouchDB as well as play football and hike.

Marcus Bointon
Marcus is the Technical Director of Synchromedia Limited, author of the mailing lists management system, and a maintainer of PHPMailer. delivers over a million email messages a week for the likes of, The Daily Telegraph and other customers in 12 countries, all using PHP.

Zoë Slattery
Zoe has worked for IBM for twenty years. In 2007 she started to contribute to PHP by developing test cases for PHP. Writing, and encouraging other people to write test cases, is still her primary interest. For the past year Zoe has taken a break from IBM and been studying for a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Arno Schneider
Arno is currently working as a partner at Bermi Labs, which is providing agile web development for their clients. He is engaged in the open source community being the Project Lead of Xinc – Continuous Integration Server for PHP and also joined the Akelos core team earlier this year to move Akelos further ahead of existing PHP Frameworks and relaunch it as PHP5 only version under a new sexy, kick-ass brand.
His professional background includes Webdevelopment for major European Brands as well as an extensive knowledge of the online payments sector.

Jordi Roura
Jordi started his career as a web developer back in 1996, doing small web applications in HTML and Perl. Not long after, he embraced PHP, living the last days of PHP3 and the birth of PHP4. Currently, he is Director of Web Metrics ast where for the last 4 years he’s been in charge of maintenance and redesign of many of the sections of the website. He is also a member of the Web Analytics Association, Associate Editor of the Internet Marketing Conference and promoter of Spain’s leading web analytics event, Conversion Thursday.

Pau Garcia-Milà
Pau Garcia-Milà is a board member & founder of the eyeOS Project, which develops the leading Open Source Web Desktop Platform and provides a full featured web desktop for the end user and a powerful Toolkit for programmers to create secure, fast and rich web applications in minutes. The project has been recently nominated to the Webware 100 awards by CNET and to the “Most Likely to Change the World” award by SourceForge in the CCA’s 2008.

Jens Bierkandt
Jens Bierkandt is one of those people who regard themselves to be addicted to PHP. After playing around with static HTML since 1995 he was an “early adopter” of PHP3 and soon created his first projects. In 2002 he released an open source PHP code beautifier. Since then he always has some crazy projects in development and enjoys writing for the German PHP Magazine.
His professional career began in 2002. He soon got a position as a project manager and was responsible for a web application used by major brands in Germany. Jens now works for the download portal, which has currently 1.2 million file downloads a day. He has a deep understanding of what’s needed to build and maintain high volume websites.

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