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Conference 2009

The PHP Barcelona Conference 2009 is over!

The PHP Barcelona Conference of past 30th-31st of October was a big success! Eventhough being quickly organized, as usual, the event went really well. More than 330 people attended and, even with a last minute change in the schedule, everything went smooth: 22 talks and 5 workshops were performed with a total of 27 speakers that made their best, some raffles, gifts, a lot of networking, good catering and… a lot of elePHPants!

An event of this kind was possible thank you to a big number of people, not only the organizers. Thank you to our sponsors (Tuenti, Atrapalo, Emagister, Softonic, Oracle, Yahoo!, Microsoft, O’Reilly, etc.), to the speakers, to the Citilab team and specially, thank you to the attendees, without you this would be senseless ;)

You can find all the materials of the talks here

Also you can see all the tweets related to the event and some photos from Flickr

PHP Barcelona Conference 2009

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