Ilia Alshanetsky

Ilia Alshanetsky is a CIO at Centah Inc., a company specializing in providing solutions to retail and construction industries. Over the last 10 years Ilia has been heavily involved in development of PHP, as a Core Developer and Release Master, authoring many extensions and language improvements. Ilia is also quite interested in security and performance, and frequently is writing or speaking on these and other PHP related topics. In his spare time he pretends to be a pro-photographer and engages in various sports.

Stefan Priebsch

Stefan Priebsch is a Co-Founder and Principal Consultant with thePHP.cc. He holds a degree in computer science and is author of various books and technical articles. As a consultant, he helps customers to improve development processes and make better use of PHP, with a focus on software architecture, OOP, design patterns, and tools and methods. Stefan is a frequent speaker at IT conference around the world.

Kuassi Mensah

Kuassi Mensah is Group Product Manager, for Oracle Database Access and Programming Interfaces including Java, JDBC, OCI, PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl. He joined Oracle France in 1989 as system and database performance expert then took over the Centre of Expertise specializing in application architecture and database performance. In 1999, he moved to Oracle headquarters within the Oracle’s Advanced Technology group. Mr Mensah holds a MS and post graduate in Computer Sciences from the Programming Institute of University of Paris VI. He is is a frequent speaker at industry events and has published several articles and a book on Java in the Database, JDBC, and Web Services. He maintains a blog @ http://db360.blogspot.com as well as a facebook and Twitter feeds.

Ian Barber

Ian is the delivery manager at Ibuildings in the UK, where he leads development teams for a variety of large enterprise clients. He blogs regularly at phpir.com, covering information retrieval, text mining, natural language processing and other interesting topics.

Enrico Zimuel

Enrico Zimuel is a Senior Consultant at Zend Technologies in Italy. He is a Software Enginner since 1996 and he worked as Researcher in the field of XML Database at the Informatics Institute of the Amsterdam University (The Netherlands). He is the author of many articles and italian books about computer programming and security. Moreover he is the speaker of many PHP international conferences: ZendCon, PHPCon, PHPDay, etc. He is a Zend PHP 5 Certified Engineer and Zend Framework Certified Enginner and he has a B.Sc. honors degree in Computer Science and Economics from the University “G.D’Annunzio” of Pescara (Italy).

David Salgado

Desarrollador de Java bajo *ix… que un día conoció la tecnología .NET y dejó los libros de Java en la estantería. Tras destacar como MVP en la comunidad de desarrolladores .NET, pasó a formar parte de las filas de Microsoft, como ingeniero de soporte durante los primeros años, y actualmente como responsable técnico de la comunidad de desarrolladores. Trabaja para fomentar la adopción de las últimas tecnologías de Microsoft, frecuenta foros y comunidades de desarrolladores relacionadas con la tecnología .NET, tanto online como offline.

Fabien Potencier

Fabien Potencier discovered the Web in 1994, at a time when connecting to the Internet was still associated with the harmful strident sounds of a modem. Being a developer by passion, he immediately started to build websites with Perl. But with the release of PHP 5, he decided to switch focus to PHP, and created the Symfony framework project in 2004 to help his company leverage the power of PHP for its customers. Fabien is a serial-entrepreneur, and among other companies, he created Sensio, a services and consulting company specialized in web technologies and Internet marketing, in 1998. Fabien is also the creator of several other Open-Source projects, a writer, a blogger, a speaker at international conferences, and a happy father of two wonderful kids.

Lorenzo Alberton

Lorenzo has a M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering and has been working with PHP and other languages for over 10 years. He’s the lead maintainer of several PEAR packages (MDB2, Pager, Translation2…) and is a long time contributor to open source projects. He’s also a researcher in the machine learning / NLP fields, and is generally interested in databases, algorithms and data structures. Lorenzo has been working with large enterprise UK companies for the past 2.5 years and recently joined the DataSift.net team as Chief Technical Architect. (alberton.info).

Yago Ferrer

Nacido en Barcelona pero vivo en EE.UU. Arizona.Trabajo para una empresa de marketing online y estrategias en telefonía móvil en Phoenix como ingeniero PHP. En mi tiempo libre coordino las traducciones del manual de PHP al Castellano.

Scott Mattocks

Scott Mattocks is a Web Development Lead at GSN.com. He leads a team of skilled developers in support of GSN’s on-line games group. Recently, Scott helped to launch WaterSpout, a WebSocket and long polling web server written entirely in PHP. Scott is also a contributor to PEAR and is the author of Pro PHP-GTK.

Asher Snyder

Asher is the driving personality behind NOLOH. A “technological polymath,” he has extensive experience working with a vast number of different programming languages and development methodologies from the desktop to the Internet, to maintaining servers and designing, implementing advanced databases.

Harrie Verveer

Harrie Verveer is a PHP developer and trainer at ibuildings. He has been working with PHP as a professional since 2004, helping ibuildings to become the company that it is today. He is a regular speaker at conferences and user group events in Europe, where he shares his experience and knowledge gained from working with a wide variety of technologies. In his spare time Harrie enjoys photography, playing guitar and writing reviews of gigs and CDs for the popular dutch 3voor12 website.

Jan Willem Eshuis

Jan-Willem Eshuis is the technical head of the new mediadepartment of NOS. NOS a the biggest dutch public broadcaster providing news (including sports) on television, radio, internetand other platforms like mobile, connected TV and Sony Playstation.

Ivan Mosquera

Desarrollador en Irontec, principalmente en proyectos LAMP, aunque también en otro proyectos basados en Java. Commiter en el framework de desarrollo interno Karma, también es el desarrollador principal del proyecto opensource Evosugar (Evolution SugarCRM Integration). Iván Mosquera es el principal precursor, desarrollador y mantenedor del proyecto PHP for Android.

Fernando Palomo

After almost 10 years of experience in PHP, during the last year Fernando has been developing and shaping the growth of several successful companies in Germany, such as MyBrands.de and Youtailor.de , and collaborating in other several companies. Currently, He is the Head of IT at In Store Solutions, a world wide company directly linked to Skype, where he is continuously developing and improving Magento for performance and scalability. As a Computing Systems Engineer, his background is very closed to Networking and web security, always closed to the PHP world. One of his recent collaborations with the community was the check_memcache plugin for nagios, naturally based in PHP.

Thorsten Rihnne

Thorsten Rinne, graduated in Computer Science, is working as senior developer / team lead for Mayflower GmbH in Munich, Germany. His main focuses are business critical applications based on PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL in agile environments. He is the founder and maintainer of the open source FAQ management software phpMyFAQ. He also has spoken at various conferences around the world and he frequently writes articles for the German PHP Magazine.

Markus Franz

Markus Franz is Senior Partner at SUCOMO, a multi-service provider with focus on media and healthcare industry. He works on social media and cloud computing for customers including Deutsche Bank and Unilever. Prior, he was member of the executive board in a new media company. Franz did some research work in the area of information retrieval.

Hugh Gilmour

I started out in software development with Sun Microsystems in 2000, where I developed and supported mission critical systems for the high-end server production line. In 2003 I moved to Valencia, Spain where after a 10 month spell teaching other people English and myself Spanish I got back into software development with GFT. Over the next 3 years I was a technical lead / architect for Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York and London. Starting in 2007, after a change of company, I directed technical operations in the UK and led and consulted on a variety of Java, Ruby and PHP projects in Spain. I set up my own company Gilmation in September 2009 and when not working with clients, I dedicate my time to the development of Gilmation’s own projects, my family and the continual struggle to stay fit.

Thijs Feryn

Thijs is a Zend Certified PHP 5 engineer and has been working with PHP for over 6 years. He’s a boardmember at PHPBenelux who has organized its first conference earlier this year. Thijs works at Combell, the largest independent hosting company in Belgium, where he’s in charge of customer support. He also does a considerable amount of hosting and open source evangelism and is Combell’s main community guy. Thijs blogs about the LAMP stack at http://blog.feryn.eu and does modest contributions to various open source projects (Zend Framework, Symfony & PHP itself). In his spare time he enjoys attending concerts, listening to loud music and hanging out in his lovely hometown Bruges.

Giorgio Sironi

my name is Giorgio Sironi and I have been a PHP freelancer for several years, and now also an engineering student. I have a personal blog (http://giorgiosironi.blogspot.com) where you can find nearly two hundreds articles on web development topics published in the last year, particularly on the PHP platform. This blog raised the interest of many developers in the PHP field (I have about 1000+ feed subscribers and my articles got linked regularly on phpdeveloper.org.) I currently write also for php|architect’s website and the DZone network on their Web Builder zone.

Philip Ross

Philip Ross was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Currently, he is Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at NOLOH, a company dedicated to a very unique PHP Framework of the same name. Since 2005, he has played a crucial role in developing the NOLOH kernel, and among his extensive list of contributions, he was behind NOLOH’s intuitive and advanced Comet functionality. Phill, as he prefers to be called, is well-versed and experienced with numerous programming languages and paradigms, and particularly enjoys the subject of their design philosophies. Outside of development, his interests mainly lie in the foundations of mathematics, including set theory, logic, and related topics, involving himself with research of alternate systems of set theory.

Juozas Kaziukenas

Juozas Kaziukenas is an independent (although co-owning a web development company) web developer and consultant from Lithuania, currently living in Edinburgh, UK. He specializes in e-commerce and general business related systems and is also “get things done” type of developer. Contributor to Zend Framework and Doctrine open-source projects.

Javier Linares

Javier Linares has been writing code in PHP for more than 10 years, has been Debian maintainer and has been deeply involved in the FLOSS community. While still in University he cofounded a web development company focused on Drupal. Currently he leads motogp.com development and systems team. When not coding he plays the ukelele.

Paulo Oliveira

Paulo Oliveira is a senior backend developer that has been working for major companies for over 10 years. His expertise spans industries from transport automation through online travel, government sector and pharmaceuticals. He currently develops motogp.com and Lemur. Also rides a Yamaha FJR and is saving to buy a sail boat.

Carlos Buenosvinos

Carlos Buenosvinos trabaja como Certified Scrum Master y Certified Zend Framework Architect en Emagister.com coliderando la revolución técnica que la empresa ha emprendido para ser líder mundial en servicios de formación. Desde hace años, investiga sobre cómo conseguir equipos de desarrollo áltamente eficientes a través del uso de metodologías ágiles y la optimización del ciclo de desarrollo. Fuera de Emagister.com, genera entusiasmo emprendiendo proyectos “diferentes” en su factoría QuePimQuePam.com.

Pablo Díez

Pablo Díez is a spanish developer with more than five years of experience in PHP. Free software lover, with a wide experience in the Symfony framework in all its versions. His latest creation is Mondongo, an ODM for MongoDB.

Victor Castell

Development Manager (Soci) @ Season www.season.es. Programador profesional con más de 10 años de experiencia, 5 años programador PHP (especialmente Drupal, CakePHP y Zend Framework) Ingeniero Técnico de Sistemas por la UOC, miembro activo del grupo Barcelona On Rails, barcelonaonrails.com.

Johannes Schlüter

Johannes is working for the MySQL Connectors and Client Connectivity engineering team with Sun Microsystems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle Corporation for making MySQL a good experience for PHP users. As a long term contributor to the PHP interpreter he is well known as member of the PHP development team and serving as release manager for PHP 5.3.

Damien Seguy

Damien Seguy is leader of the Open Source Expertise Services, at Alter Way Group. Damien brings 10 years of experience to customers, in the field of security, architecture and performances. He helps promote PHP, MySQL and Free Software for compagnies and institutions. He is also co-author of the Zend Certifications, phather of the elePHPant plush toy.

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