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The conference will take place at Citilab:

Citilab-Can Suris is placed at the Can Suris building, located at:
Pl. Can Suris, s/n
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona) SPAIN

How to get there?

The different options to get there are:

Ferrocarils de la Generalitat:
Lines: L8 Barcelona Molí Nou; S33 Barcelona-Can Ros; S8 Barcelona-Martorell-E.; S4 Barcelona-Olesa de M.: “Cornellà-Riera”

L52: “Parc de la Infanta”
95: Fontsanta-Fatjó
All of them are located very near to plaça Can Suris.

L5: Cornellà-Centre.
There is a distance of approximately 10 minutes on foot, or you can take the Tram or the bus.

Renfe: “Cornellà”.
There is a distance of approximately 10 minutes on foot, or you can take the Tram or the bus.

Trambaix: “Font Santa-Fatjó”.

By car:
Road C-245. Exit: Cornellà.
Citilab is very near to N-II.

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